Thin Lizzy: Live in London 2011

Publicado: 30 agosto, 2012 en Thin Lizzy

Acá esta una muestra de la versión actual de Thin Lizzy con Marco Mendoza en el bajo y Viviam Campbell, que les parece?

aquí les dejo este review:

It is now 2011 and Phillip Parris Lynott, the songwriter, bass player and singer of Thin Lizzy has been gone now for 25 years and is now JUST beginningto receive the acclaim that he so justly deserves. Thin Lizzy IS, WAS and will always be one of those legendary Hard Rock bands that has legions of famous musicians as devoted followers, many who have covered a Lizzy tune or 2, and somehow have managed to fly under the radar of the masses. A crying shame!!!But for many of us that never got to see the original line up of Thin Lizzy, the newly formed version is out there keeping the music alive and I for one love that they are.

Led by gravely underrated guitar hero & original member of the twin guitar era Lizzy, Scott Gorham, this line up has released a new live 2 CD set entitled “Live in London (Hammersmith Apollo)” (Four Worlds Media).Recorded earlier in the year, Thin Lizzy barnstorms through 18 of their classics, all sounding as fresh and energetic as when they were first recorded! Rounding out the original members of Thin Lizzy in this line up is the one and only drummer that the band EVER had, the incomparable Brian Downey, who just has a certain swing to his playing that was always a such an integral part of the Lizzy sound and keyboard player, Darren Wharton, who joined Lizzy on the 1981 album, “Renegade. But Thin Lizzy wouldn’t be Lizzy without those majestic twin lead guitar harmonies and added into the fold is another 80’s guitar hero, Vivian Campbell. Viv has been a lifelong Lizzy fan and it shows all over “Live in London”.Viv plays the role of Brian Robertson and Gary Moore to the “T” and along with Scott Gorham they carve out some note for note renditions of “WaitingFor An Alibi”, “Emerald”, “Sha La La”, “BadReputation” and an amazing version of the twin lead heavy, “Wild One”. Campbell again gets the spotlight and very simply nails the fan favorite solo in “Still In Love With You”, channeling his inner Brian Robertson and using the wah-wah to glorious heights, as well as on the Gary Moore guitar opus that is “Black Rose”, which again Viv is simply brilliant on.

Completing the 2011 version of Thin Lizzy is the in high demand bass player, Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, John Sykes) and the man with HUGE shoes to try and fill every night, singer and background guitar player Ricky Warwick (The Almighty). Now let this be said from the get go, NO ONE could ever replace Phil Lynott, but as being an obvious fan that grew up loving Thin Lizzy, Warwick does a pretty decent job. Warwick’s voice is a tad rough in spots and he does wobble a bit through a few tunes like “Black Rose”and The Boys Are Back In Town”, but also does a great job on songs like “Angel of Death” and “Rosalie”.

“Live In London” is a great live document and the energy of the band comes through in living color, while of the history of Thin Lizzy and the 2011 version keeps the songs close to the vest and true to their original renditions. Scott Gorham sounds amazing and Vivian Campbell is a great choice as the 2nd guitar player. He plays it more like the Brian Robertson which, of course is the perfect compliment to Gorham. Also having Brian Downey back in the band is also a very special highlight and helps make the 18 tracks come alive. “Live In London” covers a great cross section of Thin Lizzy’s twin guitar era material and shows just how great of a songwriter Phil Lynott very truly was and how great a band that Thin Lizzy is, was and always will be.


R.I.P Phil.

Track Listing
1. Are You Ready?
2. Waiting For An Alibi
3. Jailbreak
4. Do Anything You Want To
5. Don’t Believe A Word
6. Dancing In The Moonlight
7. Massacre
8. Angel Of Death
9. Still In Love With You
10. Whiskey In The Jar
11. Emerald
12. Wild One
13. Sha La La La
14. Cowboy Song
15. The Boys Are Back In Town
16. Rosalie
17. Bad Reputation
18. Black Rose
19. Black Rose (Reprise)






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