Publicado: 28 septiembre, 2012 en Slash

Banda! aca les dejo el audio de este show de hace casi 1 mes en Australia, calidad soundboard a 320 kbps, me lo he encontrado en distintas paginas, no es de mi autoria, solo queda agradecer a “Soy tu Vortice” que fue al parecer fue el autor de este post, el show es de otro nivel, el setlist , el ambiente, la audiencia….. pongo aca un review the Spotlight Report…

“…9:30pm and the lights finally went off and a familiar voice on the speakers made the big announcement, welcoming to the stage to SlashMyles Kennedy and The Conspirators, unleashing the euphoria of the crowd and opening with ‘Halo’, followed by a Gunner’s classic Nighttrain, featuring a very active Slash running and spinning around the stage like in his best years back on the 90′s and with a world-class singer like Myles Kennedy who from our own point of view is one of the best rock singers from the last 10 years, both of the supported by a band purely made of old school rock and roll like The Conspirators, that even made us remember the 80-90′s rock era, with the band transferring an energy that every rock venue needs to be top class.

Highlights of the set were Rocket Queen and My Michelle, but the major surprise was when The Conspirators‘ Bass playerTodd Kerns took over the microphone to sing Doctor Alibi andOut ta Get Me, in a fantastic way, with a voice totally different from Myles, more trashy with and underground/garage style that everyone there loved making Kern’s take as a frontman, a perfect fit for both songs and for a perfect rock venue showing that the new Slash‘s line up is an absolute rock family capable of everything!

After Kern’s participation, Myles came back to sing Crazy Life and another hits, obviously including some world-class guitar solos by Slashincluding his already iconic ‘Godfather Theme’, this time followed byApocalyptic Love‘s fantastic track ‘Anastasia‘ and if that as not enough after that was the turn for ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. Moreover, when everyone was sure that the end of the first encore was about to happen, Slash and the boys quickly kicked off with another two tracks: ‘You’re a Lie’ and Velvet Revolver‘s ‘Slither’, as usual introducing the entire band using the songs first tones.

The short encore, was unnoticed, because the band left the stage for less than 2 minutes coming back for a totally 90′s looking Slash, totally shirtless and in full shape, just wearing his top hat, leather pants and of course his guitar opening with Velvet Revolver‘s anthem ‘Fall to pieces’ and closing the venue with the Gunner’s timeless ‘Paradise City’ a song that we believe was heard across the entire country because the entire Entertainment Centre sang along Myles and his band mates every single note.

Overall, was a perfect rock venue, representing in every note how Rock and Roll must be experienced live!”….

Que les parece!? Yo estaré viéndolos en primera fila el próximo 25 de Noviembre en Guadalajara, con un setlist muy parecido…!!!


Sydney Entertainment Centre
Sydney, Australia

Ripper: Soy Tu Vortice

Track List

01. Intro
02. Halo
03. Nightrain
04. Ghost
05. Standing in the Sun
06. Back From Cali
07. My Michelle
08. Beggars & Hangers-On
09. Rocket Queen
10. Not for Me
11. Doctor Alibi (Todd Kerns on lead vocals)
12. Out Ta Get Me (Todd Kerns on lead vocals)
13. Crazy Life
14. No More Heroes
15. Starlight
16. Blues Jam
17. Godfather Theme
18. Anastasia
19. Sweet Child O’ Mine
20. You’re a Lie
21. Slither
22. Fall to Pieces
23. Paradise City






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